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Maxwell: CH Lord Winston Maxwell Hunter
3/77/1996 to 12/7/2005
AKC # SN32829305

Maxwell was my first Clumber and the beginning of Casmir Clumbers. He was an awesome boy. Loving, gentle and a great Daddy. He and Sarah had 3 litters of pups together. Several of them have went on to become Champions as well as obedience titled dogs. Maxwell is missed everyday around here, but I can see him in several of his kids, that great personality, sweet disposition, loyal and gentleness. Without him several family's would not be enjoying their beloved Clumbers.

Tribute to Maxwell

March 17,1996 to December 7,2005

My Dearest Maxwell, oh how I wish that I could hold you one more time, I would love to hear those sweet noises you made and the Woo-Woo's you gave me every time I came home and every time you were happy about something. I remember the very 1st time I saw you, you were on the bed in the motel room, just this little soft, white teddy bear, I immediately fell in love with you and all the way home you were such a good boy, you just slept in my lap and started to snore, which I thought was the cutest thing I had every heard. That was almost 10 years ago. My love for you has grown stronger and stronger throughout the years. You gave me so much happiness and joy, you were so devoted to me, no human could ever have loved me more or given me more joy. You were more than just a dog, you were my friend and my buddy, you were there for me when no one else was. You listened to me cry or when I was angry about something you would give me a big kiss and a Woo-Woo and made me laugh. You were always patient with me, whether it was when I was in a hurry and did not have time for you or when I was supposed to be training you for the shows and really I was the one that needed the training not you.

You loved everyone big or small and anyone that met you loved you too. I remember when you became a Daddy, you were so concerned about those little babies, always checking on them and wanting to get into the whelping box you were so sweet. Maxwell I miss you so much, you have left such a huge hole in my heart, I am not sure that it can ever be filled. Until we meet again I will hold dear all your sweet memories with me always. I LOVE YOU MAX.

Your Human Mom!

Valerie Lovins/Casmir Clumbers
Dog Barkery LLC.

Maxwell at 9 months - Winners Dog.


Maxwell BOB.


Maxwell BOB.

Maxwell at 2 years and Sarah at 4 months.


Maxwell - such a handsome boy.


Maxwell with one of his favorite toys.


Silly Maxwell.

Maxwell with ALL of his favorite toys!