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Sarah: CH Wicfair's Sarah Lawrence
PDH: Clear | Cerf:CLS-379/98-2
09/11/2998 to 04/14/2011

Sarah was my foundation bitch. She completed her Championship in April of 2000 Under Judge Dorothy Macdonald. She had 3 litters; 8 of the puppies are Champions and 2 of them went to Eukanuba to receive Award of Merits. Sarah was an excellent mother and wanted to mother any new pups that were born around here. Sarah was a very intelligent girl. She had a sweet disposition and definitely was the alpha in our home.





A Special Tribute to Sarah


Our Beautiful and Amazing girl has left us for the Rainbow Bridge at 7:23 PM on Thursday April 14, 2011. In the style that was truly like our Ms. Sarah. She was outside on Lizard Patrol while I was making dinner. I called her in for supper and she walk in from the yard, made it to the garage and fell over. She was gone before she hit the ground.

It was so like her to choose how she went.  I know she was enjoying her favorite activity of chasing lizards. Still sharp as a tack and just as in control, it always had to be her way. She was a magnificently beautiful and intelligent dog, even until the end. She will be missed by the humans and canines in her life. She produced numerous Champions through the years, and her personality and physical traits show up in many of her descendants. Sarah was always a challenge to me on a daily basis until about 6 months ago then she decided that I could be the boss but for 12 yrs ...she was!!

Sarah was my foundation bitch and the Alpha of the Casmir Gang, she was a great mother and a teacher to many of the puppies, she taught them how to walk on leashes, dig great holes, and catch lizards and how to have manners to be able to live in the household. She was always on patrol in the yard and house to make sure everyone was safe, and that you were "ok" to be here. There are many stories that I can remember through out the years of Sarah being so confidant and strong willed and I will cherish them for the rest of my life. Many who met her also have stories to tell of her strong mindedness. I know that she is in doggy heaven taking control up there as she did here. 

Sarah was a great dog in many ways but most of all she was a great companion and I always felt safe with her around…I will miss her terribly. 

Until we meet again Sarah, I will always love you!! 

Your Human Mom.